Here are some songs.  The first two are a little side project from Patty and Mike. We did Sweet Kind Look and Stuck in the Mud at our friend Randy Strauss' home studio.  The next one is from a performance on KPFA in April 2006 with Bart Davenport . And finally a link to our videos page...

Winner Takes It All (Patty and Mike) Listen

Everybody Hurts (Patty and Mike) Listen

Sweet Kind Look (acoustic) Listen

Stuck in the Mud (acoustic)

Patty Spiglanin and Bart Davenport Live on KPFA 4/15/06 doing "Ed"Listen  

New (old) videos of the Barbies !!! See the Videos

Stay Naked  
(c) 2007 NBD Records
Back on You
I Don't Need No Man
Losing You
Save It For Later Listen
No Place Like Home
They're Here
Wrong Mama
Memories of You and I
You Can Have Him
Buy the album, or download tracks at :
When I Was You (recorded as the Vagabond Lovers) 
(c) 2000 Monarch Records
When I Was You
Junkie Listen
Midnight Radio Listen
For Sale Sign
Wonderful Thing
Living Independently
A Thousand Different Reasons
I Got Killed
Division Street
You Make It Easy
Living Independently
(c) 1998 NBD Records
One Thing
Darling Listen
Living Independently Listen
I Can't Believe
El Camino
I Only Hope
New Year's Eve
Nothing But Time
I Got Killed
Same Distance
Pajama Party
(c) 1996 NBD Records
No Place Like Home Listen
Marry Me Listen
Movie Song Listen
Love by the Hour
Leave My Kitten Alone
My Little Drama
Who Am I Fooling
Roy Orbison
She Belongs to Me
Dancing with Vacuums
(c) 1994 Weasel Disc Records
Innuendo Listen
He's Got Soul Listen
Good One
Midnight Radio
On the Street Where You Live
Best of Me
Changes in the Weather
For Sale Sign
Shut Up
Take Your Time With Me
Love Ain't Smart
Here's to You
Do it all again
Tuesday Night Lullaby
Bird Bath (cassette, recorded as Naked Barbie Dolls)
(c) 1993 MasterMind Music
Midnight Radio
For Sale Sign
Coming Round
Home For Christmas
One Last Cigarette
Marry Me